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In Decline

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A collection of Guitar improvisations orchestrated and re-composed for small Ensembles. This album is kind of my ideal vision of a band I have wanted to be in for a very long time. Each piece is quite different while hopefully maintaining an overall sonic vision. Most pieces consist of a repeated modal phrase, while instruments follow the melodic progression and support the gesture or improvise over it.

I would like to thank the amazing musicians who contributed to this recording. It was a joy and an honor.

Julie Carpenter : Cello
Choral Society of Unincorporated Richmond
Cory Wright: Bass Clarinet
Cynthia Mitchell: Français
Rachel Smith: Vibraphone, Flute, Drums
Rob Ewing: Trombone
Chris Golinski: Drums
Ronald Aveling: Keyboards, field recording


Arbor Ninety-Six

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