of Celestial Phenomena

and other Stuff

233rd Day for Kronos Quartet and Telescope Sonification

In which Kronos Quartet performs a duet written for the central 30 minutes of the Total Solar Eclipse Sonification as captured live from Caspar Wyoming.



In which the props of the Airship Eureka are resonated to form a celestial ‘chord’, while traveling over the salt flats of the San Francisco bay.


Magnetism and Percussion [in progress]

In which a magnetic sensor is built which outputs data on multiple axes. This data is converted in real time to a musical score for a Percussion Ensemble TBD. One possible proposal is here.

Transit of Venus

In which the 5 hour journey of Venus across the Sun is turned into sound via telescope feed.


Full: Stay, Limen

In which artist Amy Rathbone walks slowly over long sheets of paper  that is contact mics. These sounds are processed into long meditative drones that build and disappear. 

Lunar Eclipse

In which a synchronized computer model of the Lunar eclipse is Sonified.

Traffic: In through the eye and out through the ear

In which four distinct lanes of traffic [Cars, Trolleys, Bikes, Pedestrians] are Sonified from the rooftop of The Exploratorium at Pier 15 on San Francisco.

Total Solar Eclipse Micronesia

In which the Total Solar Eclipse in Sonified live from the Woleia atoll in the South Pacific.

Bay Waves

In which the motion of the bay waves cause movement of a pylon at Pier 15 which is then translated into electronic punk chaos.

Total Solar Eclipse Chile: Altum Et Humilis

In which a live telescope feed from La Serena, Chile is Sonified and Visually manipulated.

It’s Only Money

In which the Dow Jones Industrial ticker is sonified in real time with while visually accompanied by images of billionaires and millionaires and commerce related objects.


Winter Daydreams

In which Tchaikovsky’s Symphony Number 1 in G minor Op.13, Winter Daydreams is ‘played’ by all the punctuation extracted from Leo Tolstoy’s ‘War & Peace’. Thank You Dave Cerf, for the punctuation. This illustrates the importance of proper grammar and punctuation.

Seismics [work in progress]

In which Exploratorium Seismograph Exhibit print-outs are scanned and converted into Laser printed discs that can be played on a turntable. Others are scanned and enlarged and used to create orchestral scores.