Wayne Grim

Musician, Composer, Sound Artist

In Decline

233rd Day, Before and After Totality, for Kronos Quartet and Computer Sonification

‘Sky Life’

Collaborations with Filmmaker Phoebe Tooke

Full: Stay

bLakcPullet Grimoire: Take This and Follow Me

Eclipse Sonification Part Three

Eclipse Sonification Part Two

Sonification of the Total Solar Eclipse August 2017

Eclipse Sonification: Live from Micronesia

Obscurantist #87

Interloper: Hits Compilation 2000

In through the Eye and out through the Ear

Auto: Generative Orchestra

The Transit of Venus

Rust 1

Unlimited States of Nothing (Live Broadcast)

Germany – “Sound For Lost Places” Volume 3

bLakcPullet Grimoire

Jarktagons: Iron Peak Glass House

|\\||\/||//| Graphic Scores 1999-2009

Van Boven Remixed



Interloper: Opel Terrin

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