Wayne Grim

Musician, Composer, Sound Artist

The Landscape Changes Three Times (III)

In Decline

233rd Day, Before and After Totality, for Kronos Quartet and Computer Sonification

‘Sky Life’

Collaborations with Filmmaker Phoebe Tooke

Full: Stay

bLakcPullet Grimoire: Take This and Follow Me

Eclipse Sonification Part Three

Eclipse Sonification Part Two

Sonification of the Total Solar Eclipse August 2017

Eclipse Sonification: Live from Micronesia

Obscurantist #87

Interloper: Hits Compilation 2000

In through the Eye and out through the Ear

Auto: Generative Orchestra

The Transit of Venus

Rust 1

Unlimited States of Nothing (Live Broadcast)

Germany – “Sound For Lost Places” Volume 3

bLakcPullet Grimoire

Jarktagons: Iron Peak Glass House

|\\||\/||//| Graphic Scores 1999-2009

Van Boven Remixed



Interloper: Opel Terrin

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