NEWSLETTER #6, August 5th, 2022


to Wayne Grim Industries. We’ve been away. It’s been a minute. A few things have happened since 2020.

Let’s not talk about those things.

‘The Unconsciousness of the Landscape Becomes Complete’

August 5, 2022

What started as a decade long idea of making a ‘solo guitar’ recording ended up being something very different. This album is built on Field recordings and born from the idea that abandoned buildings, forests or Pachinko parlors are equally beautiful and compelling sound stages. The result is the sound of life in Oakland, Denpasar, Tokyo, Hilo, Gulf Shores, and Detroit mixed with guitar improvisations. Most of the pieces on this album were inspired by the 1923 Graphic-collage novel by Max Ernst, ‘The Hundred Headless Woman’.

Click Here for the music


‘Shapeshifters Cinema’

September 22, 2022, 8pm, Video Conduction by Phoebe Tooke with Suki O’Kane, WG and several very special guests! Stay tuned for important details.

More @ http://shapeshifterscinema.com

‘Electric Space Gardeners’

A Multimedia Opera in eight scenes.

Releases September, 2022

The Electric Space Gardeners text was written by Painter, writer, and multi-talented Human, Jovi Schnell. The music could not have manifested without the sparkling dreamy voice of Majel Connery.

‘The Electric Space Gardeners takes to the stage in the form of a multi-media sci-fi space opera. Positioned somewhere between the non-linear tradition of the Theatre absurd, Fantastic Planet, Frankenstein, Hair and the stylizations of The Triadic Ballet gone psychedelic. The Electric Space Gardeners stage production charts the tale and explorations of the ESG as they cultivate their programmable plant specimens located within the framework of their virtual gardens. Through costume, interactive set elements, projections, choreography, sound and score the audio and visual style of the performance collides and combine the contrasts of analog & digital sensibilities throughout a series of vignettes performed by the ESG as the characters come to discover themselves for who they truly are, a genetically engineered hybrid species composed as 1/3 Human – 1/3 Plant & 1/3 Machine.’

Check out this video created by Phoebe Tooke, with imagery by Jovi Schnell. It was projected on the Manhattan Bridge as part of the Dumbo Arts Festival in 2021

Stayed tuned for another ESG video coming in September, for Scene 7, ‘Circadian Rhythm’…….


Hermischalet, ‘Alles auf Einmal’ August, 2022

Electronic music with Violin (Julie Carpenter-Less Bells) and Contrabass (WG)



Annular Solar Eclipse Sonifiction, October 14th, 2023, Live from Monument Valley Utah.


Stay tuned for more details. If you live near the Four-Corners area, you will be near the Eclipse Path.


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